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Ready to start HVAC School in Desert Hot Springs, CA? We can help you find great HVAC programs near you. Search our directory by zip code.

HVAC training in Desert Hot Springs, CA can be found at a number of locations, which include classroom environments and online classes. Programs are available for the lessons necessary to obtain a certificate or a degree in HVAC or heating and refrigeration. This training will vary based upon the kind of degree or certificate desired. This can include a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the path you select, graduation normally takes between six months to four years.  The length of time for each certification program will vary depending on the training program you choose.

General or Specialized HVAC Courses in Desert Hot Springs, CA

hvac training in Desert Hot Springs CAHVAC training in Desert Hot Springs, CA encompasses the fields of heating technology, ventilation systems, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The technologies are different, however thanks to the close relationship between the systems, quite a few trainees decide on a generalized education in this field while others will likely decide to concentrate on one or the other.

The specific areas of training available for heating systems and refrigeration will include ventilation, indoor air standards, refrigeration technology, building codes, electronics technology, and heating design among others. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning field will include study in electronics, equipment construction, design theory, blueprint reading, unit installation and maintenance.

There are numerous opportunities for people who plan to get into this high-demand career. From universities to online classes and apprenticeships, those who are thinking about a career will find the right training program that meets their needs. The need for professionals in the field is growing and is likely to continue.

Recommended HVAC Programs in Desert Hot Springs, CA

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HVAC training includes:

  • Familiarity with HVAC machinery and the methods in which they are utilized
  • Environmental issues
  • Handling chlorofluorocarbons and refrigerants in a safe and responsible manner
  • Air quality related health issues
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety issues

Apprenticeship and HVAC Trade Schools

hvac schools in Desert Hot Springs CAAlthough apprenticeship is a possibility for learning the basics in this industry, a school with a structured HVAC training system is the best option to receive the most complete training. This will enable the largest potential earnings.  The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median income for HVAC technicians in May 2012 was $43,640 with the top 10% earning just under $70,000.

HVAC Technical Schools in Desert Hot Springs, CA will offer training programs that will generally require from 6 months to two years of education. They are going to include the following:

  • Operation
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Install
  • Servicing
  • Repair work

A more inclusive program will also involve training in subjects like blueprint reading, computer applications, electronics, applied physics, mechanical drawing and shop mathematics. Completion of the training program and passing the licensing examination will be necessary for certification.

Degrees in HVAC and HVAC/R

As stated, quite a few people choose a career in HVAC along with refrigeration considering that the occupations are so closely related.

Bachelor’s Degree

hvac classes in Desert Hot Springs [[ STATE]]A bachelor’s degree can provide students with the necessary skills for complying with environmental laws, HVAC/R building codes and regulations including local, state and federal laws. On top of that, you will be taught how to conduct inspections, design, testing and maintain heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, calculate costs and read specifications and blueprints.

Skills gained in the bachelor’s degree program provide students with the competence to install systems as well as improve energy efficiency, repair defects and dangerous leaks and provide ideal climate control.

Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree in HVAC will include the fundamentals of servicing the systems. Included are troubleshooting, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards, psychometrics, thermal comfort, air distribution and interior air quality. Students will learn how to install, service, uncover and repair problems related to the control mechanisms such as relays, pneumatics and HVAC Ethernet controls.

Online HVAC Certificate Programs

hvac training schoolsOnline certificate classes are another option. There are basically two – HVAC installation and repair or design of HVAC systems. These programs are meant to prepare students for entry-level positions. After earning the online certificate, the North American Technician Excellence Certification Examination can be taken. It is always good to make sure the HVAC training program in Desert Hot Springs, CA that you attend is accredited by an organizations like the ACCSC.

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